Week 3

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Here is what I'd like you to do this week:

1) Read and print out this plan.

2) Read and familiarize yourself with the American Psychological Association (APA) format by reading through the notes posted below and visiting the APA web site and Russ Dewey's web site. There are a number of different formats to create citations and bibliographies but the APA is widely used at the University of Mass Boston.

3) Take the APA Quiz designed to test your knowledge of the APA format. You can take it as many as three times with a minimum break of 60 minutes in between each attempt. Your highest score will be recorded in the grade book.

4) Take the UMB Library Tutorial and then access the UMB library from your home computer using your last name and bar code info on your student id. If you have any problems doing this be sure to contact the librarian. I have posted info about this here.

5) Look through the list of final paper topics posted in the Projects folder posted on the course home page and decide on a topic for your final paper. Create a collection folder for your topic in Zotero and collect at least ten journal articles or other electronic sources from one the UMB library databases. Next create a bibliography of your collection in APA format and save it as an rich text file (RTF). Check your bibliography to make sure that it has all the info required in the APA format. If not go back and add more information to the items in your collection. When you are satisfied with how your citations appear, save the file and attach it to the Zotero Bibliography assignment.

6) If you haven't already, please post your photo and the e-mail address you would like other students to contact you in this course with in the class roster. I posted directions for doing this on the course home page. Doing these two things is worth 2 points.

7) Post any questions you have about these assignments in the Q & A folder and have a great week!


Copyright ©2010 Eileen McMahon, Ed.M