Week 8

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Here's a list of things to work on this week:

1) Start wrapping it up your wiki project. Plan on submitting it to me through the Wiki Project Assignment linked below which is due by Tuesday, July 22nd.

2) Readings/viewings:

a) Social networking Overview, Commoncraft

b) Between Friends Sites like Facebook are proving the value of the "social graph." By Erica Naone

c) Build Your Own Social Network, Ning, a new Web service, lets users become the CEOs of their own mini-MySpaces by Wade Roush

d) Cyber thieves target Social sites by Mark Ward

3) Assignment: Rate social networks. Linked below is an assignment that asks you to evaluate four different categories of social networking tools using a rating card. Read the assignment directions for more details.

4) Sign up to join one classmate to peer review a draft of your final paper. The sign up sheet is posted on the course home page. This assignment is due on Tuesday August 5th, which gives you three weeks to exchange your drafts with one other student from this course. Please share your draft by posting your draft to google docs and sharing it with your reviewer. After reading your draft and gauging it against the final paper rubric, your reviewer will submit their comments to you via e-mail and submit these same comments to me via the peer review assignment link. You will do the same for your reviewer.


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