Week 9

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Here are some things to do this week:

1) Become acquainted with the phenomenon of Social News by reading and viewing the links in the Readings section below. You've probably seen the Reddit and Newsvine icons before and wondered what they were. Now is your chance to find out. Chris Anderson's presentation of the long tail of the Internet is an important insight into the unique ability of the Internet to address the needs and interests of small target audiences.

Social news sites have been around for a couple of years and allow someone with a unique perspective communicate to find a larger audience for their columns.

2) Help create a user guide to Successful virtual Team by posting a recommendation to the discussion thread linked below and rating someone else's recommendation.

3) Sign up to Peer review a draft of another student's final paper and have them review your draft. The sign up sheet is on the home page and the assignments is linked below.


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