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Ella is a 5 year old girl in a small before and afterschool program that meets in a church basement near her school. She lives with her mom and a younger sister, age 3. Her mom is fluent in Haitian Creole and speaks English relatively well but with an accent that some of the staff have trouble understanding.


Ella's transition to kindergarten has been really difficult. She gets anxious a lot throughout the day, and she gets very upset when she is dropped off at the before school. She says her teacher is mean and she hates school. When she comes to the afterschool, she seems frustrated and tired most days. It is very difficult to get her to talk or engage in learning activities.


However, she loves to draw and listen to music, and both of these activities help her to calm down when she's upset. She can sing a number of songs in HaitianCreole and picks up new tunes easily. Ella also likes anything to do with animals, and likes to share with others, though she can be socially awkward.