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CC 4 - Health, Safety, & Nutrition

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Young children and youth’s physical and emotional health and safety is vital for fostering competence in all developmental areas. Early care and education and out-of-school time educators must understand and be able to ensure children and youth’s safety, promote sound health practices, recognize and respond to child abuse and neglect, and provide nutritious meals and snacks. This includes knowledge of a broad array of prevention, preparedness, and implementation of health and safety practices. Educators must be able to communicate information regarding children and youth’s health and safety to families while maintaining confidentiality.

  • A. Hygiene and health promotion
  • B. Preventing and responding to infectious disease and managing chronic illness
  • C. Mental health
  • D. Basic safety and emergency preparedness
  • E. Safeguarding children and youth
  • F. Nutrition
  • G. Food handling/environment
  • H. Physical fitness and activity


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