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We would like to acknowledge Mary Lu Love and Angi Stone-MacDonald, PhD who had also contributed to this course.



Professor Mary Lu Love


Office: Campus, Healey Library, 5th floor Curriculum Resource Center

Phone: (617)287-5925


Angi pic

Professor Angi Stone- MacDonal, PhD


Office: Weatley 2nd Floor Room 99-2

In addition we want to acknowledge and thank our colleagues who volunteered to review these modules.  We are grateful to all for their feedback, comments, and edits.


Phil Baimas, Department of Early Education and Care,

Darci Burns, Hanson Initiative for Language and Literacy

Jean Ciborowski-Fahey, Reach out and Read,

Sherri Killins, Commissioner, Department of Early Education and Care

Sky Marietta, Harvard University

Lurline Munoz Bennett, Mass Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Susan O’Connor, West-MOST

Amy O’Leary, Early Education for All

Chris Pond Department of Early Education and Care,

Cathy Topal, Davis Publishing