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UMass Boston, Spring 2010
Math 240: Calculus III

  Syllabus Last modified:
September 2, 2010

Topics: This course is an introduction to the calculus of functions of several variables. It begins with the study of the basic objects of multidimensional geometry: vectors and vector operations, various coordinate systems, and the elementary differential geometry of vector functions and space curves. After that we will extend the tools of differential and integral calculus to multidimensional problems. The last part is dedicated to line and surface integrals. The course concludes with various extensions of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to multidimensional integrals, and applications to vector fields.

Credits: 4

Prerequisites: Math 141 or equivalent. Strictly enforced.

Instructor: Catalin Zara
Email: Include [m240sp10] in the subject line.
Office: Science-3-091
Phone: (617) 287-6463

Textbook: Multivariable Calculus, 6th Edition, by James Stewart, published by Brooks/Cole, 2008.

Lectures: MWF 11:00am - 11:50am, W 10:00am - 10:50am, in M-02-0206. For every hour we spend in class, you should spend about 3 hours at home.

Reading assignments and pre-lecture activities will be given for each section. Problems from the book will be assigned frequently, but will not be collected. For each section you will have an online problem set, using WeBWorK ( Deadlines are on Monday evenings, and hardcopies of your solutions are due at the beginning of the following class meeting.

Calculators will not be allowed on exams. Make-up exams will be given only to students with an official excuse. In all other cases, a missed exam will get a score of 0. Late homework will not be accepted, but the lowest 4 scores (percentage) on homework assignments will not be counted. Regular class attendance is required and active class participation is expected. Students are responsible for material and announcements missed due to an absence.

Office hours: MF 10:00am - 10:50am, W 12:00pm - 12:50pm.

Student Conduct: Students are required to adhere to the University Policy on Academic Standards and Cheating, to the University Statement on Plagiarism and the Documentation of Written Work, and to the Code of Student Conduct as delineated in the University Catalog and Student Handbook. The Code is available online at:

Accommodations: Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 offers guidelines for curriculum modifications and adaptations for students with documented disabilities. If applicable, students may obtain adaptation recommendations from the Ross Center for Disability Services, M-1-401, (617-287-7430). The student must present these recommendations and discuss them with each professor within a reasonable period, preferably by the end of Drop/Add period.

Classroom Courtesy: Please come to class on time and remember to turn off your cell phone before the class begins. If you are repeatedly late or otherwise perturb the learning environment, then you will be penalized. If you have to keep your cell phone open, or if you need to leave a class early, please alert me at the beginning of the class, and sit close to the door. You can drink your coffee or soft drink in the classroom, but please do not bring any food with you.

Any changes or class cancellations will be announced in class and will be posted on the official web site for this class, on Blackboard (

Assignments and Grading Policy:

Grading Policy
Assignment Date Points
Exam #1 Mon, Feb 22 100
Exam #2 Mon, Mar 29 100
Exam #3 Mon, Apr 26 100
Final Exam Mon, May 17 200
Homework   100
Total   600
Class Participation   +/- 50
Grade Percentage
A 90% total and 85% on exams
B 80% total and 75% on exams
C 70% total and 65% on exams
D 60% total and 55% on exams