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Day and Date Topics Reading
Tu May 28 Introduction and the physical environment Introd.
W May 29 Population and Overview of Middle East Introd, Ch 1
Th May 30 Egypt and North Africa Ch.6
M June 3 Middle East and Arabian Peninsula Ch.6
Tu June 4 Empire States and Southwest Asia Ch.6
W June 5 Overview of Africa, West Africa Ch.6
Th June 6 Test #1 Ch.6
M June 10 West Africa and Equatorial Ch.7
Tu June 11 East Africa Ch.7
W June 12 Southern and South Africa Ch.7
Th June 13 Test #2 Ch.7
M June 17 No class
Tu June 18 Europe and Russia Ch.1,2
W June 19 Middle America, Mexico, Caribbean Ch.4
Th June 20 Nepal, Bangladesh, and India Ch.8
M June 24 Japan, Korea, and Taiwan Ch.9
Tu June 25 China Ch.8
W June 26 Pacific and the U.S. Ch.12,3
Th June 27 Final Exam
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