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Course Description


Oceanography will present the ocean in an historical and geographical context.We will examine physical and exploration ocean science in a holistic manner. Origins and evolution of the oceans will be examined scientifically, philosophically and historically. We will integrate spatial and temporal aspects of marine environments.


After examination of the physical contour or ocean basin and coasts, we will examine the water and its motions. We will also consider the biota and food as well as minerals and drugs in the sea. Finally we will relate human interactions with the biotic and abiotic factors of the environment. The ultimate goal of the course is to interrelate the abiotic and biotic factors of the marine environments which will culminate in a deeper understanding 'of the ecology of the sea. Cultural and historical aspects will be investigated also.


This course will develop the didactic knowledge necessary to understand our local environment as well as the generic marine environment. We will spend some time examining Dorchester Bay and Boston Harbor as examples of our marine environment. Some aspects of the sea I will be examined through the arts. There will be some introduction of art and music to ocean imagery.

Course Objective

  • 1. Identify abiotic and biotic aspects of the marine environment in a cultural and historical perspective.
  • 2. Recognize geomorphological deep ocean and coastal phenomenon.
  • 3. Internalize relationships between beach types and waves.
  • 4. Relate plate tectonics to ocean basin formation.
  • 5. Identify ocean currents, wind patterns and geographic locations.
  • 6. Correlate ocean current, food from the sea and topographical features
  • 7. Identify minerals from sea both metals and energy.
  • 8. Examine human use and misuse of the marine environment.
  • 9. Identify..toxic and positive marine products (i.e. Red Tide vs. antibiotics, anaesthetics and analgesics)."
  • 10. Understand the concept of "The Blue Planet".



Required Textbooks

Text: A.B. & A.C. Duxbury et. Al,Fundamentals of Oceanography,McGraw Hill - 2002


Component Percentage
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