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Course Schedule

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Week Topics Readings
1 Intro and Overview
Systems, Scales Relief, Time
Ch 1-2
pp 1-12
2 Shore Zone Process and Landforms
Energy, Erosion, Deposition Process and Time
Case- Boston Harbor
Ch 16
pp 428-470
3 Energy Flows/ Drivers-Mechanical,
Chemical, Radio-Activity, and Solar Power

Tectonism & Climate-Role of Climate
Exposure and Response
Ch 3-4
pp 13-54

Ch 3-4
pp 55-95
4 Fluvial Systems-Stream process
New Orleans dikes, levees, channels, valleys,
and flood plains, Tributaries and Distributaries
Drainage Systems.
Ch 5-6
pp 96-184
5&6 Weathering-Groundwater
Karst Topography-Aquifers-
Speelunkers-Sink Hole Dangers
Ch 7
pp 185-214
6 Mass Movement, Wind and Deserts and Glaciation 8 & 9
7 Review and Exam
8 Tectonism and Vulcanism
Land and Deep Sea
Faults, Folds and Volcanic Landforms
Ch 8-9
pp 215-239
9 Igneous Features-Folds and Faults
Meogeosyncline-Time and Nature of Rock
Ch 10-11
pp 240-292
10 Deserts and Eolian Environments
Role of heat, wind and rain
Ch 17
pp 471-493
11 Glacial Processes-Alpine vs. Continental
Landforms and Vegetation g
Ch 12-13
12&13 Glaciology, glacial geomorphology Erosion
Deposition and Landform Ice Ages and
Ch 14-15
pp 364-427

Text: Easterbrook, Don J. Geomorphology, 2nd ed, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J, 1999

Copyright ©2010 John F. Looney Jr., Ed.D