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Week Topic

i. The theme of monarchy and divine/sacred kingship
ii. Early Mesopotamian kingship


i. Bureaucratic and majestic monarchy in ancient Egypt
ii. Hammurabi’s code of laws (c. 1780 B.C.E.)
iii. The monarchy of the Hebrew people


i. Ancient constitutional monarchy: Julius Caesar and Augustus
ii. Imperial state and imperial church in the Roman Empire East and West


i. Medieval monarchs and the formation of nations - Carolingian Empire


i. Constitutional developments: Bill of Rights (1689)
ii. The 18th century Enlightenment
iii. Autocracy in Czarist Russia
iv. Monarchic grandeur: Louis XIV

6 i. Napoleon’s monocracy
ii. 19th-century constitutional and imperial monarchies: Spain, Britain
7 i. The crisis of the dynasties: World War I
ii. The survival of monarchy into the modern world
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