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Course Description

A political, social and cultural history of Europe from 1815 to 1900, including the history of each major European nation.

Course Objective

  • To give students an understanding of modern Italian, economic, political, social, and cultural developments and to give students practice and feedback in writing and discussion.


HIST 111 or 112, HIST 165 or 166, sophomore standing.

Required Textbook

  • Nicolson, The Congress of Vienna
  • Rich, The Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890
  • Sperber, European Revolutions, 1848-1851
  • Bowler, Charles Darwin
  • Zola, Therese Raquin

Other Reading

  • Breuilly,  Austria, Prussia, and the Making of Modern Germany
  • Di Scala, European Political Thought, 1815-1989 (relevant Chapters)

Note to Graduate Students

  • Graduate students will be expected to do extra work.  Graduate Students should read the Breuilly book and give me a 2 page, double spaced review of it.  The review will count for 5% of your grade, reducing the percentage for the Internet paper described below from 20% to 15 % of the grade (for graduate students only).  In addition, graduate students are expected to write a fifteen page paper instead of the ten page paper described below for undergraduates.
  • Graduate Students are also required to read and produce a book review for: Quinn, Marie Curie: A Life (Perseus)


Component Percentage
Internet Paper 20%
Discussions 26%
Research Paper 50%
Chat 1 2%
Chat 2


*Book Review (Graduate Students Only) 5%



Spencer DiScala, PH.D. Copyright 2007