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Course Description

This course is designed for students who enjoy music and are curious about it. No prior training in music is necessary. If you are interested in exploring the world of music, its origins, myths, instruments, rituals, and, most of all, its sounds--all on the web--it is highly likely that you will be successful in this course. Each week of the semester you will investigate the sounds of music from near and far using the online text which contains hyperlinks to web sites. Your questions, your observations and your discoveries about the mysterious and fascinating world of music--whatever they may be--are most important.

Course Objectives

  • Exposure to musical elements, instruments, cultures, traditions
  • Evolution of music from its origins to the present
  • Techniques of listening and interpretation
  • Proficiency in interpreting and writing and in information technology



Required Textbook

Online text by Professor Patterson is available to students enrolled in the course. The text contains numerous links to articles, pictures, and sound clips on the web.


Component Percentage

Discussions 15%
10 weekly quizzes (20 questions each) 35%
A 5-page paper suitable for WPR Portfolio OR participation in our new Second Life exploration project 35%
2 online meetings 15%


Copyright ©2010 David Patterson, Ph.D.

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