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Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide background in the ways in which psychologists evaluate data collected from research projects. A researcher may gather many pieces of data that describe a group of research subjects and there are common ways in which these pieces of information are presented. Secondly, statistical tests can help investigators draw inferences about the relationship of the research sample to the general population it is supposed to represent. As a student of psychology or any other discipline that uses research data to explore ideas, it is important that you know how data is evaluated and that you gain an understanding of the ways in which these procedures help to summarize and clarify data.

Required Textbook

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Gravetter, F.J & Wallnau, L.B. ,Thompson Learning/Wadsworth, 2009

Supplemental Reading


Component Percentage
Five Quizes 60%
Ten Homework Assignments 20%
Eight Computer Lab Report 20%

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