Week 1

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1. (9/5) The course as a learning community

Idea: Developing epidemiological literacy requires collaboration with others (of differing skills and interests) and reflection on personal and professional development.

  • Students identify personal, intellectual, professional interests in relation to central themes about pathways of development (worksheet, followed by spoken introductions).
  • Reading epidemiological papers and popular reports (Case study: Gene-Childhood Maltreatment-Adult anti-social behavior – precirculated) (instructions)
  • Initial identification of questions arising from first reading of the course primer* (continued using wiki or googlegroups between classes -- instructions).

Reading: Radford (2002), Stokstad (2002), Caspi (2002); Coggon 1999 or a few introductory chapters* of Gordis (any edition) [*skip or skim the sections on infectious diseases]


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