Week 3

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**NOTE: Class starts at 5.30 and goes to 8 on this date**


3. (9/19) Phenomena: Exploring the "natural history" of disease

Idea: Detailed observation (like a naturalist) or detective work--albeit informed by theoretical ideas--may be needed before we can characterize what the phenomenon is we are studying, what questions we need to ask, and what categories we need for subsequent data collection and analysis.

Cases: John Snow on cholera; Barker on buruli disease, fetal origins of later diseases, and the anomalous French cardiovascular disease rate; Origins of 1918 flu pandemic

Readings: Brody 2000; Barker 1971, Barker 1998,pp1-12, 167-172, Barker 1999; Oxford 2005
     PBS Video on 1918 flu epidemic (excerpt)


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