Class 3

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Class 3 (2/12) Strategic Participatory Planning, applied to personal course and life projects


Reading: Final project by alum of the course (Jan Coe; from password protected site - see below), CEDAC, Our Economy, Taylor, "Epilogue," 204-210, Schmuck on "cooperative" action research, Spencer, chaps. 5 & 7, Weissglass, "Constructivist Listening," also Review Project reports from previous semesters (online using password protected site)


Interview an alum of the course about their experience developing an Action Research process.

Supportive Listening

(a variant of constructivist listening) on one's hopes/fears re: educational change

Strategic personal planning workshop (about the educational/organizational change you want to facilitate/promote) (handout,pdf


In-class drafting of initial description of AR design project


Post-class reading: (for those interested in Strategic Participatory Planning) Materials from ICA Facilitators Manual (PPR)



Asmt. 1: 1st Reflection on your Experience as Novice Action Researchers in relation to the Considered Formulations from Other Sources (Schmuck)


Reminder: 2/19 No class (Presidents' Day)


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