Class 9

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Class 9 (4/9) Reflection on your Experience as Novice Action Researchers with the Considered Formulations from Other Sources, II


Readings: At least three from Hitchcock & Hughes, Chap. 3, "Access, ethics, and objectivity," Chapter 5, "Designing, planning and evaluating Research"; Greenwood & Levin, Chaps. 8 & 11, "Action research cases," & "Action science and organizational learning"; Rokovich, et al., "Implementing change"; Jenkins, "Action learning"; CEDAC, Our Economy; Greenwald, Science in Progress; Madison Metropolitan School District, "Classroom action research" (and linked pages), study of CIT


Feedback on Critical Incident Questionnaire II


Small group work on guidelines for a) small group work and b) Action Researchers


Video segment on Myles Horton and the Highlander Center, a longterm source of educational and social change


Reminder: 4/16 No class (Patriots' Day)


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