Class 4

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Class 4 (10/1)
Initial formulations -> Governing Question
See Phase C. Possible directions and priorities; Goal: "I have teased out my vision, so as to expand my view of issues associated with the project, expose possible new directions, clarify direction/scope within the larger set of issues, decide most important direction expressed in revised Governing Question."
From phase B: Verbal report on conversation with initial informant
For all phases: Discussion of sharing one's work with others
For phase C:
Creative and critical aspects of any phase of research and writing ("opening-wide, focusing & formulating")
Discovering/inventing/defining subject-purpose-audience
Mapping--student presentation, with PT probing
In class exercise: Initial map-making, then probed by another student

Reminder: No class 10/8, but work recommended between classes on the following:
Component Arguments
See Phase D. Propositions, Counter-Propositions, Counter-Counter-Propositions...; Goal: "I have identified the premises and propositions that my project depends on, and can state counter-propositions. I have taken stock of the thinking and research I need to do to counter those counter-propositions or to revise my own propositions."

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