Session 1: Exploring

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Description of Session 1

This course, for Directors and Administrators, provides knowledge and skills in supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) infusion throughout Out-of-School (OST) environments. Administrators learn about Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, Universal Design for Learning, Thematic Curriculum and Project-Based Learning and explore strategies to implement improved lesson planning and instructional practice, creating a shift in policies and programmatic culture to develop a STEM-empowered program.  After completing this session, click on Session 2 to continue.

If this course is being taken to document Professional Development hours, use the checklist on the left to document the following teaching lab and reflections.

Video Presentations

Please watch the three interactive narrated PowerPoint presentations below to understand barriers, standards and best practices when implementing STEM curricula. Click on the titles to load the presentations.



The following scenarios can be used to apply the concepts presented in the lectures. Read each short description and consider what the best practices would be in each situation.


Sample Discussion

Below is a sample of discussion questions that can be used when training faculty with the above materials.

Now that you have considered all the scenarios, please choose one and answer the following two questions:

  • How would you describe this educator's strengths and challenges -- does your perception of their strengths differ from their own? If so, how?
  • How would you open a conversation with this educator about what you would like them to work on? Be sure your answer includes a concrete goal for the educator and is written in a first-person address form, as if you are talking directly to the educator.

Recommended directions for online learners would be:

"Post your response [in the discussion section]. Once you have responded to both questions, post a reply to two other learners.  You may choose to respond to learners who have posted about the same child scenario or others."


The following is a list of additional online resources for K-8 teachers:

State Resources

The documents below were prepared by the Massachusetts Department of Education to describe Curriculum Framework and Standards for K-12 schools in Massachusetts (MA).