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Module 3_2

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Module 3_2

Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers

Approaches to Learn and Best Practices

1. Complete Pretest

2. Read pages 79-84 and 158-161 of ELG for Infants and Toddlers

3. Review the narrated presentation. Printable PDF of presentation handout view: available here

4. Choose one reading from the following:

5. Review a website from the following list:

6. Practice vocabulary at Study Stack

7. Complete Post Test

    Feedback to Google docs to print pre/post scores

8. Share parent brochure: Learn with me!

9. Complete the Continuum of Development

10. Complete Final Project

11. Complete Course Implementation Action Plan

12. Complete the Course Self Evaluation


"Newborn babies are faced with the two major tasks of childhood:

— to become independent individuals; and

— to establish connections with others.

"The parents' job is to help their children with these tasks. Most parents focus more on one task than the other. Some even ignore the other task and leave its accomplishment to chance.  The choice of focus is cultural, and the outcome is that the child comes to define 'self' as his culture defines the concept."

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