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Participation Assignments

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By Class: Complete Assignment:
  • Sign up to bring light refreshments OR volunteer to have your work discussed in front of class for certain assignments
  • Submit Information Sheet
2 or 3
  • Review syllabus, Notes on teaching/learning interactions, and Phases of Research and Engagement. Email questions or bring them to class
  • Review briefings, decide if you want to add one, and submit a topic
  • Complete PT's research exercise about peer support within the class
  • 10/8 (optional -- this can substitute as a participation item for a briefing) Cardstorming on the peer support surveys
  • Sign-up for second conference (to be held before class 10 -- participation item)
  • Submit draft Briefing (or skip this participation item)
  • Update assignment check-list
  • So PT can peruse the system you have developed to organize your research, bring to office hours conferences or to class 7 your journal/workbook with any material and notes derived from research to date, and your laptop, backup/storage medium, or printout of the system of directories/folders on your computer.
  • In class exercise: Mid-term self-assessment, including description of Journal/workbook & research system and research organization worksheet.
  • Submit revised Briefing on or before this class (unless you skip this participation item)
11 or 12
  • Participation item: Submit a copy of your Assignment Checklist in time for PT to alert you about discrepancies with his records.
End (12/17)
  • Participation item: To show the system you have developed to organize your research, submit journal/workbook, system for storing and taking notes on research materials on paper and on computer (e.g., zip disk). Remove your copies of the syllabus, course handouts/downloads, etc. before submitting. (Supply address label, stamps, and box to post materials back to you -- participation item.)
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