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Phase Recommended tasks and assignments
A Goal: "I can convey who I want to influence/affect concerning what (Subject, Audience, Purpose)."

By class 2, Task : Review previous years' reports (online thru password protected site) to get a sense of the scope of previous projects and reports
Target date class 3, Asmt. A: Revised single paragraph overview of your subject, audience, purpose and Governing Question
By class 5, First conference to discuss your ideas (bring journal and work materials) -- participation item
Practice using freewriting (suggested topics) and journaling
B Goal: "I know what others have done before, either in the form of writing or action, that informs and connects with my project, and I know what others are doing now."

By class 3 (after class 2), Task: Establish off-campus connection to UMass library
By class 3 or 4, Task: Establish your bibliographic and note-taking systems
Target date class 3, Asmt. B1: Photocopy of (or online link to) the review or controversy article (or section in a book) with
EITHER a paragraph describing the different sides OR "sense-making" protocol used to indicate how the article connects with your proposed research.
Target date class 4, Asmt. B2: Identify an initial informant, make contact, make appointment for a time before class 4, prepare verbal report for class 4 on conversation with informant
Target date 10/8, by email, Asmt. B3: Annotated bibliography of reading completed or planned
Target date class 7: Revised and updated annotated bibliography (included with Asmt E. Research and engagement design)
C Goal: "I have teased out my vision, so as to expand my view of issues associated with the project, expose possible new directions, clarify direction/scope within the larger set of issues, decide most important direction expressed in revised researchable Question."

Pre-class or in class exercise: Initial map
Target date 10/5, Asmt. C: Revised map with Governing Question
D Goal: "I have identified the premises and propositions that my project depends on, and can state counter-propositions. I have taken stock of the thinking and research I need to do to counter those counter-propositions or to revise my own propositions."

By 10/15, Asmt. D: Summarize the different sub-arguments for your topic and positions regarding each, email to PT for comments
E Goal: "I have clear objectives with respect to product, both written and practice, and process, including personal development as a reflective practitioner. I have arranged my work in a sequence to realize these objectives."

In class exercise: Strategic personal planning process
By class 6, Task: Complete Strategic personal planning process
Target date class 7, Asmt. E: Revised research & engagement design (with revised and updated annotated bibliography)
F Goal: "I have gained direct information, models, and experience not readily available from other sources."

For class 6, Task: Write down your top 5 questions for which you can't easily get answers from published literature, so you would like someone to answer them for you
Target date class 7, Asmt. F1: Revised interview guide
Target date class 10, Asmt. F2: Brief written report on interview conducted, participant observation, or workshop attended
(See also briefing on interviewing)
G Goal: "I have clarified the overall progression or argument underlying my research and the written reports I am starting to prepare."

After class 7, Task: Complete in class exercises.
In class 8, Task: Practice presentations to class or small groups
For class 9, Asmt. G1: Public Presentation on Work-in-Progress
By class 10, Task: Read "Exploring your writing preferences" and identify strengths and issues to work on.
By class 10, Task: Read Elbow, chap. 13; re-read chap. 3
Target date class 10, Asmt G2: Narrative Outline
By class 11 (after class 10), Task: Revise Narrative Outline in light of input
H Goal: "My writing and other products Grab the attention of the readers/audience, Orient them, move them along in Steps, so they appreciate the Position I've led them to."

By class 11, Task: Read Elbow, chaps. 4 -6; reread chapters 1-3
By class 12 or 13 (after class 10), Task: Read, or at least dip into, Elbow, sections III-VI
Target date class 12, Asmt. H1: Draft of research report (two copies, for fellow student & PT; returned with comments from both by 12/8)
By class 13, Participation item: Comments on another student's complete draft
Target date 12/17, Asmt. H2: Final version Research Report (in both paper & electronic forms) accompanied by final self-assessment (see J1 below)
Note: For the final report to be accepted as final, you must have revised in response to comments by PT and another student on a complete draft.
I Goal: "I have facilitated new avenues of classroom, workplace, and public participation."

By class 13, Task: Sign up for the spring CCT Orientation or CCT in Practice Open House.
J Goal: "To feed into my future learning and other work, I have taken stock of what has been working well and what needs changing."
End By 12/17, Participation item: Process Review (with cover note & annotations) that shows deep reflection on your process of development
By 12/17, Asmt. J1, Self-assessment in relation to goals of the different phases (accompanying final report, see H2)
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