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#1 Due March 11. Answer one question only.

1. The passing of the Act of Union (1801) and its long-term effects.

2.Examine the legacy of the Great Famine of 1845-51 in terms of its demographic (population structure and shift), economic and political effects.

3. Daniel O’Connell and Catholic Emancipation (1829): Was this ‘a revolution in Irish politics’?

4. Discuss the origins of the Land Acts, and in particular the acts of 1885/6 (Ashbourne), 1891 (Balfour), 1903 (Wyndham): their purposes, provisions and long-term effects.

5. Discuss the view that the Land League was moderate in its aims but radical in its methods. Why do think did Gladstone’s Land Act of 1881 failed to satisfy the Irish tenant farmers? To what extent was the Land League successful in the long run?


#2 Due April 12. Answer one question only.

1. Write a note (about 1-1½ pages) on TWO of the following:
    (a) Dr Noel Browne and the Mother & Child Scheme, 1950
    (b) The Blueshirts
    (c) The Ulster Solemn League and Covenant, 1912
    (d) The 1937 Constitution and its significance
    (e) The establishment of the Northern Ireland government, 1920.

2. Éamonn De Valera as leader and statesman.

3. ‘Anglo-Irish relations during 1922-38 were mainly concerned with the adjustment of the Treaty settlement’. Discuss.

4. Write an essay on the career of ONE important woman nationalist (from within the period covered in this course).

5. The career and accomplishments of Michael Collins (1890-1922).

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