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Course Description

This course will explore in detail the complex and varied strands of Irish nationalism, from 1800 to the present day, that is, from the rebellion of 1798 up to the origins and development of the present day Ulster conflict. The first lecture will be an introductory exploration of the main themes of modern Irish history, religion, land and politics. The second and subsequent lectures will examine in chronological order the chief phases and movements in modern Irish history, north and south. The topics covered will include: the Ulster Volunteers and United Irishmen, the Penal laws; Ulster in the 19th century; Irish emigration to N. America; the Orange Order; Ireland in the later 18th  and 19th  centuries; the Parliamentary system; O’Connell and Catholic emancipation; the Great Famine and its consequences; the Fenian movement and agrarian disturbance; the Home Rule campaign; Ulster Unionism and southern nationalism; the 1916 rebellion; the War of Independence; the Treaty and the civil war; Ireland in the 1920’s and 30’s; Ireland during World War II; and political, cultural and economic developments to the present.

Course Objectives

  • In order to ensure that each participating student receives a thorough grounding in the basics of modern Irish history, there will be a continuous assessment through weekly discussion topics.



Required Textbook

The Course of Irish History. Moody, T. W., any recent edition.


Component Percentage
Two Written Assignments 40%
Final Research Paper 40%
Discussions and Chat 20%
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