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Session Assignment

You have your first techie assignment. I want you to watch the video, "What Do You Do When You Meet a Blind Person." Here is the link
In order to view this you will have to download the free copy of Real Player if you don't already have it on your hard drive.
IMPORTANT: Be sure you download the free copy, not the free trial download. The free trial requires you to purchase a subscription. I believe this is the direct link to the basic version:
After you watch the video I would like you to write a two-page summary answering these questions:
1. What caught your attention the most in the video?
2. Do you think all people with vision impairments travel the way the blind character does here?
3. What socially defined roles do you notice in the interaction between the two men?
4. Do you think the interaction would be the same if the blind character was a woman?

2 Your assignment for this week is to watch one of four movies and write a reflection paper based on the movie of your choice. Here are the movies from which you can choose:
1. Butterflies Are Free
2. A Patch of Blue
3. Wait until Dark
4. Scent OF A Woman
Please write a three to five page reflection paper answering the following questions:
1. What was the socio/cultural context in which the blind character was living?
2. What were the obvious attitudes toward visual impairment being communicated in the movie?
3. How accurate do you feel the portrayal of visual impairment was presented in the movie?
4. Did the character's handling of his or her visual impairment match the social context in which he or she was living?
5. Did you notice the development of any skills which assisted the character to achieve his or her life goals in any way throughout the movie?
Your essay is to be double spaced.
I want you to interview a store manager or clerk and ask them the following
1. Do you have people who are visually impaired or blind come into your establishment?
2. Do they come in by themselves or with someone?
3. Do they ask for any assistance and if so what kind?
4. Is there any one person on your staff who helps them more than others? 5. Does it take longer to assist them to shop?
6. Have you noticed how they handle their money?
7. Is there anything about your store that you think people with visual impairments especially like? I.E., the great service?
Be sure to tell the manager that you are taking a class and this is an assignment. I want you to write up the answers in three or four pages and post them to the grade book. What you are looking for are the attitudes the person you are interviewing has toward people with visual impairments. They may not be obvious so use your observation talents.
Once you have gathered your answers please review them and tell me in a final paragraph what you think the best way is for a blind person to ask for assistance in the store. Give me some information on how someone should ask for help and what kinds of social/communication exchanges you feel would be helpful based on what you picked up from the manager or clerk.
You can also visit a local eating establishment if you prefer that over a store. Make sure the place you choose is some place a person who is blind can get to independently.

Assignment: You are to look at either,
On the game site please download and play one of the free games. On the technology site review the types of technology and note the prices. Remember that not all the technology is to assist blind people. After you check the site of your choice please go to the discussion section and answer the question related to the site.