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Session Readings
1 D: Let’s Introduce Ourselves
Please introduce yourself. Tell us something important and something fun about you. You are welcome to post a picture of yourself if you like.
D: What exactly is a Visual Impairment?
I would like you to begin a conversation on what you believe constitutes a visual impairment. You have many resources from which to draw. Your own cultural background and belief systems, your readings, and encounters you have had with people who self-identify as having a visual impairment and many other supports. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Please comment on the NFB paper and any of the readings

Tuttle., Self-Esteem, pages 55-128. -
Frame, Melissa. Blind Spots, chapter two.

3 Tuttle., Chapter Seven -
Frame, Melissa, chapter three. –
4 Tuttle., Self-Esteem, chapters 8 and 9.
Melissa Frame, Blind Spots, chapter four.
6 Tuttle, Self-Esteem, chp. 10. -
Web Site of Independent Living Aids – (
Please look over this web site and send me a quick email saying what you like the most about it and which aid you found the most interesting
7 Read two posted files.-
File: A Day in the Life of a Dog Guide
File: Commonly Asked Questions

Million, Diversity, chapter one.

9 Million., "Diversity," chapter two.

Million, chapters 3 and 4.

11 Million., "Diversity," chapters 9 and 10
12 Million., "Diversity," chapters 7 and 8. -
Stiteler., "Gathering Together," located at the end of the lecture
13 Go to www.afb.organd do a search for articles on Braille Literacy. Select two articles which interest you and read them