Class 11

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Class 11 (4/30) Work-in-progress presentations, II
*A* Asmt 8: Work-in-progress Presentation II on Project

Titles of Projects

  • Julie Barrett, "Schedule Migration and Problem Based Learning at Massachusetts College of Art"
  • Elizabeth Burch & Renee Plouffe, "To foster a more inclusive school environment for children with special needs"
  • Virginia De La Garza, "Improving The Effectiveness of a Faculty Training Program at a University in Mexico"
  • Elliot Frank, "Evaluation of Metacognition in Biology"
  • David Frias, "How Can Lower Level Employees Affect Upper Level Management Decision Making?"
  • Scott Goddess, "An inquiry into establishing productive, sustainable, coaching partnerships through making connections "
  • Marnie Jain, "Separating Myself from My Art and Becoming the Artist I Want to Be"
  • Jane Lachance, "My Use of Story as a Facilitating Tool in a Small Heatlh Care Workers Group "
  • Kathleen Leavitt, "Supporting Staff who are without a Nurse in Charge"
  • Michael Lihon, "Action research to continuously motivate participation, of production workers, on changes to support process improvement "
  • Elizabeth Naylor, "Action Research to develop curriculum for teachers to become Ordinary Inspirers and encourage their students to be Moral Learners"
  • John Quirk, "Teachable Leadership and the Junior Class: A Plan to Develop Effective Student Leadership through Regenerative, Reflective Action Research Practices"
  • Joshua Reyes, " Electricians Online Review: A Community of Learners"



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