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End 12/17 Submit Reports, Process review/self-assessment, and journal/workbook/research system

  • John Quirk, First Steps in Reconsidering School Discipline: Conveying a Community Values Hierarchy through Disciplinary Structure
  • Matt Tower, Using Transcendental Meditation as a Creativity-Enhancing Tool
  • Jeremy Szteiter, Recapturing the Joy of Adult Education Through a Theater Arts Perspective of Learning Toward a Renewed Purpose of Social Change
  • Virginia de la Garza, Steps Needed to Become Someone Who Fosters Intellectual Perseverance
  • Michael Lihon, How to Fast Track Sustainable Change in Organizations
  • Mirna Ortiz, How to get adults to have better communication with youths
  • Candace McDuffie, Implementing Poetry In Preschools: Developing Creative Writing Curriculum in Cambridgeport Children's Center
  • Nancy Baccari, Learning to build a learning community for dental hygiene to promote collegiality, diminish isolation, and share best practices
  • Sandra Knight, Building Professional development for administrative/clerical and support staff within an organization
  • Marie McIlwrath, TBA (Teaching critical thinking and sociocultural perspectives)

    First meeting for Spring Synthesis students, during this week, provisional -- time TBA
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