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English/Language Arts Assignment

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1. Choose a preschool book to be the basis of 4 lessons during the week. You will read this book four times over four days and talk about different concepts.

2. Design 4 accompanying activities. Two will be small group activities and two will be learning centers. Each activity should take about 20 minutes.
a. For the learning centers, tell what the goal of the center is, what are the children working on, the materials, the activity they will complete, and the supports in place for English language learners and children with disabilities.
b. For the small group activities, tell what materials you will use, what the goal or objective is, what you as the teacher will be doing and what questions you will ask and use to guide the students, and what the students will do in the activity. 

3. For each center or activity, complete the scope and sequence checklist and describe how you are accessing the children on their learning of the preschool learning guidelines.

Thematic Unit Rubric

Scope and Sequence Checklist