UMass Boston, Spring 2010
Math 240: Calculus III

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September 2, 2010
Mon, Jan 25
Wed, Jan 27 Fri, Jan 29
Mon, Feb 1 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-RectangularCoordinates
[11pm] WWK-CurvilinearCoordinates
Wed, Feb 3 Fri, Feb 5
Mon, Feb 8 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-Vectors
[11pm] WWK-DotProduct
[11pm] WWK-CrossProduct
Wed, Feb 10 Fri, Feb 12
Mon, Feb 15
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-LinesPlanes
[11pm] WWK-SpaceCurves
Wed, Feb 17
Arclength and Curvature
Fri, Feb 19
Mon, Feb 22
Exam 1
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-ArclengthCurvature
Wed, Feb 24
Functions of Several Variables
Graphical Representations
Fri, Feb 26
Mon, Mar 1 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-LevelSets
[11pm] WWK-LimitsContinuity
Wed, Mar 3 Fri, Mar 5
Mon, Mar 8 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-PartialDerivatives
[11pm] WWK-LinearApproximations
[11pm] WWK-ChainRule
Wed, Mar 10 Fri, Mar 12
Mon, Mar 15 Wed, Mar 17 Fri, Mar 19
Mon, Mar 22 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-DirectionalDerivatives
Wed, Mar 24 Fri, Mar 26
Mon, Mar 29
Exam 2
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-Optimization
Wed, Mar 31 Assignments Due:
[11pm] WWK-ConstrainedOptimization
Fri, Apr 2
Mon, Apr 5 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-IteratedIntegrals
[11pm] WWK-DoubleIntegrals
Wed, Apr 7
Triple Integrals
Fri, Apr 9
Mon, Apr 12
Triple Integrals in Cylindrical Coordinates
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-IntegralsPolar
[11pm] WWK-TripleIntegrals
Wed, Apr 14
Triple Integrals in Spherical Coordinates
Triple Integrals in Generalized Coordinates
Fri, Apr 16
Mon, Apr 19
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-TripleCurvilinear
[11pm] WWK-ChangeVariables
Wed, Apr 21 Fri, Apr 23
Mon, Apr 26
Exam 3
Wed, Apr 28
Green's Theorem
Applications of Line Integrals
Fri, Apr 30
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-LineIntegrals
[11pm] WWK-ConservativeFields
Mon, May 3 Assignments due: Wed, May 5 Fri, May 7
Mon, May 10 Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-SurfaceIntegrals
[11pm] WWK-DivergenceTheorem
Wed, May 12 Fri, May 14
Assignments due:
[11pm] WWK-StokesTheorem

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